Staff Training

Value a well trained team and they will add value back

I am able to train and keep high quality standards of your staff

Training your staff

The main focus for Manon DesVagues is to have a well educated and skilled staff available to your business. 

Bringing international high level standards, my mission is to make this available to local people who wish to learn and apply the teachings to themselves and their work. 


Collaborating with Manon DesVagues means collaborating with someone who really cares about ethics and valuing education. 


Training staff to different wellness techniques, hygiene and health is a must however much more is taught, customer service is very big as well as much as sales and team building!


I resonate with this saying very much:

“I hear and i forget, i see and i remember, i do and i understand” – Confucius


Guiding staff in DOing and feeling confident is a technique that has made its proof!


Our Professional Expert

Hanna Queen


Caniqa Eliz

Spa Therapist

Ketty Maud

Spa Therapist

Ketty Maud

Spa Therapist

The Art Of Perfect Spa Staff Training

Select our expert services for staff training and spa service enhancement. We provide instruction in customer service, technical skills, product knowledge, health & safety, communication, team building, marketing, sales, and ongoing learning. Our seasoned trainers ensure your staff delivers top-notch guest experiences.