Menu Creation

A Menu allied with Mother NAture

Manon DesVagues helps you create a SPA menu that focuses on the well trained staff and Natural ingredients

SPA Menu Creation

Manon DesVagues Wellness Menus will always come hand in hand with what local nature has to offer, the mission being to focus on the magical care-giving hands of the therapists trained by her.

She will help you find the adapted treatments and packages that will be enjoyed by your customers making it stand out by a true vision aligned with your values and concept.


Positioning your wellness center with adapted realistic prices and having a well thought out menu, making it easy and appealing for readers.


Our Professional Expert

Hanna Queen


Caniqa Eliz

Spa Therapist

Ketty Maud

Spa Therapist

Ketty Maud

Spa Therapist

The Art Of Perfect Spa Menu Creation​

Choose us to create a winning spa menu. Our experts provide menu planning, spa cuisine, specialty treatments, package development, pricing strategy, and marketing services. We’ll work with you to align your menu with your spa’s goals and target audience while staying within budget.”