Manon DesVagues was born in France and swiftly returned to Kiskeya Island just a few days after her birth, where her parents had met and lived. Her early life was shaped by the enchanting nature of this island, where she grew up surrounded by the tropical paradise’s blessings. Playing in the waves and walking barefoot across the land, she absorbed the magic of her surroundings. Inspired by her parents’ commitment to a joyful life, Manon recognized her mission: to enhance people’s quality of life and well-being.

Her journey into the world of wellness began during her teenage years when she moved to the island of Majorca. Recognizing the healing gifts of her hands, her mother guided her towards exploring various healing branches, with Reiki as her initiation. Life presented challenges that momentarily diverted her from this path, but her innate calling persisted.

With the vision of creating an eco-friendly wellness center in mind, Manon pursued higher academic education with a “Preparatory Class for the Great Schools of Commerce” at Daudet High School in Nimes, France. Feeling misaligned with her core vision and purpose, she chose to graduate as a “Higher Technician in Cosmetics, Esthetics, and Perfumery” in Frejus, France, equipping herself with the tools needed to initiate professional experiences and bring her closer to her dream.

Working in high-end luxury SPAs in France and Barcelona, Manon learned a diverse array of spa traditions, therapeutic methods, and guest experiences. However, certain aspects of the system disillusioned her, and she hungered for more knowledge.

Fascinated with how the body functions, she had the chance to learn from Karin Locher, founder of Spatial Medicine and Fascia Expert based in Dubai. Manon completed her certification, providing scientific answers to what she intuitively felt while working with her massage clients. This enriched her wellness understanding and vision, bringing innovation to what she could offer to the industry.

A return to her island life in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, marked the beginning of her pursuit. Collaborating with Maria Soledad Summar, the creator of Hôtel Boutique & Spa: Natura Cabana, they developed a new Wellness Concept for their SPA: Attabeyra. Although her dream was temporarily paused by the global pandemic, Manon used this time to support her mother’s ethical project: SlowCare. Developing SlowCare SPA in alignment with the wellness industry, she returned to Cabarete with renewed inspiration, continuing to cultivate Natura Cabana’s SPA Attabeyra and other projects reflecting her values.

Manon DesVagues, Manon of the waves in French, has a mission to reconnect people to the Great Mother, “La Mer,” (meaning the Ocean as well as the Mother in French) through each wave of relaxation. Understanding that wellness is not a constant state of well-being, as life has its ups and downs, the key to wellness is learning how to surf those waves!

An advocate of helping therapists give their best by first knowing how to take care of themselves, Manon DesVagues is on a mission to create a virtuous cycle. She assists hotels in establishing wellness centers, providing excellent service by training local therapists in regions where this expertise is lacking. Simultaneously, she supports local communities by offering training that ensures employment aligned with their values. Collaborating with local herbalists and gardeners, Manon designs wellness concepts using only local and natural remedies, ensuring a positive impact on Mother Nature. All wellness centers she designs are plastic and chemical-free, fostering true habits of giving and receiving, creating a virtuous cycle beneficial to all involved.