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A place to Reconnect with
“La Mer”

through the waves of relaxation

In my mother tongue; French,

~ “la mer” means the sea,

~ pronounced the same, 

~ “la mère” means the mother.


Inspired by the well-being the ocean waves I grew up by, always offered me, I became a massage therapist and wellness creator.

Always seeking states of relaxation, the SPA and Wellness world have become my world.

This is the underwater world I wish you to dive into…

Take a deep breath,


into the depths of feeling gooooood


About Manon DesVagues

The SPA and Wellness world is actually full of stress. Behind the kind smile of your therapists is often times hidden, an under valued human being. 

As caregivers we sometimes forget ourselves.

It is my mission to remind therapists of their self care practices,  SPA managers of caring for their therapists and people to take an active role in their own well-being.

I believe in the necessity to stay close to Mother Nature for our well-being. Creating and protecting spaces which connect us to her, as well as creating therapies with all natural and local ingredients are the core of my craft.

We all deserve to live relaxed lives, we just function better that way, so why all the stress?

Let me show you how to take the waves of relaxation…

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Creating a Virtuous Cycle

self care - care of others - inspiring others to self care

Take care of yourself

Giving you tips and tools you can apply in your personal life to feel taken care of yourself, this will have a direct impact to your team, being an inspiration. We will also analyse how we can apply self care tips and tools during our service to others as a team, in order to feel sufficiently recharged in order to give and receive back.

Take Care of Others

Caring for others has to come with a well known set of boundaries first. Knowing what we are able to help with. Having ways of registering the information we have on our client. When we have clear understanding of the needs of the client then we can put into practice what we have learnt can help.

Inspire others to take care of themselves

A wellness space is a perfect place to inspire people to take care of themselves. It is a space where people are more open to receiving advice on their own self care, it is important as caregivers to encourage them to do it. For therapies to work there has to be an engagement and a will from part of the receiver aswell that has to continue in their daily lives for longterms effects.

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Fundamental Principles

Nature always has the answers
Syncing back to her cycles makes self care and care for others alot easier

Sync to the Sun

Eternally Giving Life

The Sun is our best ally to support the proper functioning of the circadian rhythm

When you feel lost in your overall health, let yourself be guided by the Sun

Waking up with its rays and tuning down your day with its beautiful sunsets, will gently but surely set your daily internal clock to a good ticking rhythm

Sync to the Moon

Eternally Swaying Life

The Moon orchestrates the perfect rhythmic symphony of life on earth

When you wish to loose yourself to be found, Moon will show you darkness to always be followed by light in an ongoing dance

Tuning in to the Moon Cycle brings harmonious introspection, naturally flowing through the months

Sync to the Seasons

Eternally Shaping Life

The seasons structures nature into her different forms, cyclically alternating through time and space

The four main stages of life; birth, growth, decline and death, are important to remember to adapt swiftly through them

Change is the only constant and consistency is bound to make you change, in this way seasons transform us

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The Art of Well Being

Mother Nature speaks through the language of waves, a gentle reminder that, in your wellness journey, every small effort creates ripples of positive change.